unnamedWelcome to Orange County Costal RV rentals. We specialize in leasing rv and motorhomes in the Orange County area. We are located in Orange, California. Our recreational vehicles are safe and state-of-the-art. We carry multiple makes and models and they are all within 2 years old. We do not have any older models to choose from. Most of our rentals come with wireless internet and satellite t.v. You can also find on board bathrooms, microwaves, dishwashers, ovens, televisions, video games, sinks, hot and cold running water (assuming the campground you visit has a hookup) as well as small appliances such as toasters and blenders. We even have silverware, cups, dishes, plates and glasses. If you’re looking for trailer rentals, we have those too!

There is no reason for you to bring anything on your trip but your friends and family. We cover all of the basics for you and it is our goal to make your vacation in a motor home as fun, friendly and safe as possible. Check out our Yelp! Reviews. We used to be located in San Juan Capistrano, but we have since moved location to Irvine, California to better serve the greater Orange County area. SJC was just too far for more Orange County residents to drive. We also have a much bigger lot and have increased our inventory by over 5 million dollars worth of recreational vehicles for rent!

We have a wide variety of motorhomes and rv’s to choose from. We carry Class A, Class B, Class C as well as Diesel Pushers.

Here are the sizes of our fleet:

      21 feet


      22 feet


      23 feet


      26 feet


      28 feet


      31 feet


      32 feet


      33 feet


      36 feet


    39 feet

Our motor homes are from all makes and models: Custom Winds, Winnebago, Trailblazer, Beatnik, Dirty Hippy, Stalker, Jamboree, Interstate, Coachman and Greyhawk. We clean and service our vehicles to the utmost highest of standards. Before you rent with us, our technicians spend 12 hours preparing the RV for usage. We wash, clean, spray down our vehicles under a 10 start point plan. This means that you can give us the white glove inspection and we will pass with flying colors. Be sure to ask about our 3 day weekend getaway specials. From September to May, we offer upwards of 50% off our rentals due to it being off season. From June through August, if you wish to rent with us you will need to give us at least a 3 month reservation. Although we have a huge fleet, our motorhomes will go fast.

Insurance: You will need to carry basic California car insurance, or we can insure you for as little as $20 per day. This covers all accidents and incidentals, including acts of god.

Our offices also have a fully stocked mini market. So there is no need for you to head off to Target or Walmart. Our prices are competitive and you can stock up on the food and water and household items that you need. We also offer gasoline and diesel fuel as well. We monitor the local gas stations and adjust our prices so that we’re always a few cents cheaper.

If you’re looking to see America in a recreational vehicle, there is no better time to do it. At Coastal RV Rentals, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the utmost quality and service and a vacation trip of a lifetime!

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